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Bloom Creative Writing: “Necessity” by Mary Cuffe Perez
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Bloom Creative Writing: “Necessity” by Mary Cuffe Perez

Slates come off every spring, he tells his son. Ice works up under them all winter so a strong wind can kick them lose. Keep an eye out, he said, and the barn doors, tell the girl who feeds the horses to close them tight or the wind will tear them off. His son nods. She’s still coming, every day, that girl who said she would? His son nods but doesn’t look at him. He is older somehow, the top of his head a pink bowl. He asks his son again, feeling that old necessity working its way into his blood, drumming his heart faster than it should go. Check the fences by the road. Continue reading

BEST OF BLOOM: <em>The Years</em> by Annie Ernaux: Memoir of a Generation
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BEST OF BLOOM: The Years by Annie Ernaux: Memoir of a Generation

By Alice Lowe

I have no frame of reference for Ernaux’s memories of the restrictions and reconstruction of postwar Europe, of the domination of the Catholic Church and attending all-girl convent schools.  I’m not yet a part of her collective “we.” But then she describes a photo of herself in 1955, wearing a short-sleeved sweater, polka-dot skirt, and ballerina flats, and I see myself. Continue reading