Whom do you feature at Bloom?
Authors whose first books were published when they were 40 or older. Among the authors we’ve featured are those living and dead, male and female, who’ve written and published work in a wide range of styles and genres.

What do you have against writers under 40?
Nothing! Bloom’s mission and intention are not to critique or detract from the success of young writers; our interest is in contributing to the conversation about literary life and creative process, offering up a diverse range of paths as models. Our hope is to present some counter-balance to the disproportionate attention paid to precocity by exploring and presenting stories of slower, zig-zag, later-life, development.

How do you choose the authors you feature?
Our editors and writers select and curate not unlike most literary publications: we feature work and authors about which we are passionate. We spotlight authors whom we feel readers should know about, based on both the literary quality of their work and their inspiring journeys.

Is Bloom a literary site “for old people”?
No. Bloom is a community for writers and artists of all ages and stages, for anyone who believes that the artistic journey is, and should be, as particular and unique as each one of us—that there is no prescribed beeline to literary achievement. Whether you are a writer who published later in life, or aspires to; or a younger writer who feels pressure to see your name in certain magazines or to sign a book contract by the time you are 35; Bloom seeks to challenge any narrow or uniform ideas about what constitutes literary success or authenticity.

How can I be a featured Bloom author?
If you are an agent, publicist, or author and would like to tell Bloom about your published, book-length work, send a brief description of your work, and a link to your web page, to bloom.editorial.asst@gmail.com. Please remember that we are all volunteers, so we will not be able to respond to all inquiries, but we do appreciate your reaching out to us and will do our best.

Why do you feature authors twice each week?
It takes a long time to write a book; for Bloom authors, it sometimes takes even longer. Two days to explore an author’s work and life seems to us not unreasonable.

What are the origins of Bloom?
See our Mission & History page.

Who are your staff and writers?
See our Who We Are page. We are all volunteers who wear many other hats as authors, teachers, critics, editors, and students. And we are of all ages, both post- and pre- 40.

How can I get involved?
See our Support page.

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