At Bloom, we believe it is never too late to take a risk and try something new. In that spirit, we are excited to announce that we are now accepting poetry and fiction submissions from blooming authors who first publish or publish in a new genre (for example, a novelist who publishes a poem, an academic who publishes a short story) at forty or later.

Submission Process

·      Please send your submissions of no more than 2,500 words to submittobloom@gmail.com. For poetry submissions, multiple poems with a total word count of 2,500 can be submitted at the same time.

·      In the subject line, include your last name and indicate whether your submission is fiction or poetry.

·      Include a short cover letter with a bio that acknowledges that you are 40 or older at the time of submission. We will not consider submissions that do not include this acknowledgment.

·      For safety and security, we cannot click on links or open attached documents, so include your submission in the body of the email.

·      We will accept only one submission to Bloom at a time. Wait until we respond to your submission before submitting to us again.

·      We aren’t the jealous type, and simultaneous submissions are welcome; but please inform us as soon as a submission has been accepted elsewhere.

Thank you in advance for submitting your work.  We are an all-volunteer publication, and regretfully cannot pay for publication. The author retains copyright. We will strive to respond within three months.


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  2. Would you like the name of the writer to be removed from the material submitted, and only mentioned in the subject line of the email?

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    • Not for the creative writing section, but you may submit creative non-fiction to editorbloom.site at gmail. Thank you.

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