In solidarity with antiracism protests around the country and internationally, Bloom strives to be antiracist in what we publish, whom we interview, and the books we choose to excerpt. Dedicated to writers who first publish after 40, Bloom understands that many who fit that profile come from marginalized communities of all varieties, and that paths to publication are too often challenged by systemic racism. Our goal is to amplify the underheard and to celebrate the undersung—the authors who are not reviewed in mainstream publishing, who don’t get big book contracts because their work is too often dismissed as “difficult” or “exotic.” Our all-volunteer editorial team is fiercely dedicated to realizing a just society through the dissemination of diverse voices that speak to equality for all.


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  1. Quite offended by the image. I get it and am not in favor of fascism but am not interested in killing anyone. Are you?

    • I don’t think anyone at Bloom is! If you’re not familiar with it, this is a riff on a sign that folksinger/activist Woody Guthrie had on his guitar: “This machine kills fascists.” It’s more about the concept of the role art can play in social justice than doing any kind of actual violence.

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