Captivated by Prague: the Writing of Jeffrey Condran
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Captivated by Prague: the Writing of Jeffrey Condran

by Evelyn Somers

“We leave home and shed the identity we’re compelled to inhabit in our daily lives. At the same time, we’re not able to fully inhabit the place we’ve journeyed to. The result is an emotional and intellectual space we have unprecedented control over, but one with more room for self-invention.” Continue reading

<i>The Years</i> by Annie Ernaux: Memoir of a Generation
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The Years by Annie Ernaux: Memoir of a Generation

By Alice Lowe

I have no frame of reference for Ernaux’s memories of the restrictions and reconstruction of postwar Europe, of the domination of the Catholic Church and attending all-girl convent schools.  I’m not yet a part of her collective “we.” But then she describes a photo of herself in 1955, wearing a short-sleeved sweater, polka-dot skirt, and ballerina flats, and I see myself. Continue reading

Q&A with Joe Schuster
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Q&A with Joe Schuster

I was very aware when I was writing the book that, although it centers on baseball, I intended it more as a novel about people reaching a certain age and realizing that the choices they made had shaped their lives in ways they had no way of knowing when they made those choices. I also was aware of writing a novel about dreams, and what happens when someone discovers that they can’t have the dreams they wanted—and then facing the question, “Now what do I do?” Continue reading